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Coulombs law derivation

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    How the virtual photon exchange theory be used to derive completely Coulombs Law related to electrostatic field? Complete derivation means derivation involving charges and distance
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    You don't need any virtual photons but you can derive Coulombs law w/o using perturbation theory. It's most transparent in
    a) Coulomb gauge or in
    b) A°=0 gauge plus fixing of the residual symmetry of time-independent transformations respecting A°=0.

    In both cases it boils down to construct the inverse of the Laplacian 1/Δ; in Coulomb gauge this is due to the Poisson equation

    [tex]\Delta A^0 = \rho[/tex]


    [tex]\Delta^{-1} \to k^{-2} [/tex]

    in k-space and

    [tex]\Delta^{-1} \to |x|^{-1} [/tex]

    in x-space

    This results in an interaction term

    [tex]V \sim \int d^3x\,d^3y\,\frac{\rho(x)\,\rho(y)}{|x-y|} [/tex]

    Of course there are other interaction terms involving physical (transversal) photons as well.
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