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Homework Help: Coulomb's Law Hwk Problem

  1. Jan 11, 2014 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Having trouble with my vector addition when it comes to this homework question. Not really sure how to go about solving this problem since I'm new to coulomb's law problems and my prof didnt really give us many examples in class. Here is the picture of the charges. The question asks:
    A)What is the force F⃗ on the 1.0 nC charge and Determine the magnitude of the force F.
    B)Determine the direction of the force F⃗ .
    Assume that +x axis is directed from the 2.0 nC charge to the -2.0 nC charge

    2. Relevant equations
    eqn for coulomb's F=K(q1)(q2)/r^2 K=9.0x10^9

    I named q1=-2.0nC=-2.0X10^-9 C
    q2=2.0nC=2.0X10^-9 C
    q3=1.0nC=1.0X10^-9 C

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I tried doing the action reaction force of F(1on2) but not sure what to do with the angles and also not sure if my answers make sense since i was getting very large answers.

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  3. Jan 11, 2014 #2
    Should also mention r=1.0cm=0.01m
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