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Count the letters

  1. Oct 24, 2005 #1
    Count the number of times the letter F appears in the following paragraph. If you haven't seen this before you will probably get it wrong at least once. So you don't think it's a trick, count it more than once.


    The answer is in white:
    There are 6 F's

    I don't know if this has been here before or not so don't flame me if it has.
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  3. Oct 24, 2005 #2
    Hmmm... I only get three. Is this straightfoward?
  4. Oct 24, 2005 #3
    I saw this before and even though I know how it works, it gets me every time!

    The letter F in the word "of" is generally overlooked because it's such a common word. Tricky!
  5. Oct 24, 2005 #4
    Yes, it is. There is no trick, they are in plain sight. I'll post later why you get it wrong. It's amazing actually. I saw another version of this a few months ago and found this one and even though I knew exactly what is going on I got it wrong the first time. I don't want to post yet why you get it wrong (and the answer I give is correct) because it helps a little but most people still can't count all the F's even after you know what to look for.
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  6. Oct 24, 2005 #5
    Seen it, still gets me though.

    It's kinda the same idea as "you can raed tihs sntencee as lnog as it has the crceort bgenining and end ltteres"
  7. Oct 24, 2005 #6
    when i know the trick, i got through and count the hard f's first, then count the others.
  8. Oct 25, 2005 #7
    Ok i got 4 fs am i right???

  9. Oct 25, 2005 #8
    he has the answer written in the first post...
  10. Oct 25, 2005 #9
    I wonder why the human mind would have a tendancy to ignore those f's in plain view. Is their an explaination for this puzzel?
  11. Oct 25, 2005 #10
    There are 6 Fs in there. The human brain tends to see "v" instead of "f" in the word 'of' thus people often disassociate them from the actual letter.
  12. Oct 25, 2005 #11


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    Z-component offered the explination that the letter F in the word "of" is generally overlooked because it's such a common word.

    I was even going through each letter of every word saying them in my head, and skipped every "of," I am going with Z-component on this one.
  13. Oct 25, 2005 #12
    I first saw this puzzle 40 or so years ago. It got me then, it got me now.
  14. Oct 25, 2005 #13


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    I've seen it before but with different words. I got all the F's when I read it now.
  15. Oct 25, 2005 #14


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    I didn't know the trick, but I got all the F's! I don't know what's starnge about this. Once I saw the same thing in a test, again I got the right answer but I didn't read anything about the trick.
  16. Oct 25, 2005 #15
    It must be that right brain working better then us macho types. On the other hand a 6 year old would probably have no trouble with this because they can't read well yet.
  17. Oct 25, 2005 #16
    I don't think it's mistaking an F for V. I was told that the brain doesn't see the word 'of' thus missing the F's in them. I guess this could be tested by having someone who hasn't seen it count the V's.
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  18. Oct 25, 2005 #17


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    You mean I'm 6 years old or perhaps I can't read well?:grumpy: :biggrin:
    Partly kidding, I think you've mentioned a good point. I think I have no trouble with this, because En isn't my first language. In fact I'm somehow new to En and probably can't read it well. Of course I swear I pronounce "of" like you.:blushing:
  19. Oct 25, 2005 #18
    The answer must lie in how people learn how to speak English as a first language. To me v and f are pronouned very similarly. In German the letters are pronounced very differently. Perhaps since English was not your first language, your brain may have devolped a greater distinction between the two letters and when you learned English it seemed absurd to mix up the two. (By the way what is your first language.)
  20. Oct 25, 2005 #19


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    I got 6 F's. Of has an F in it people
  21. Oct 25, 2005 #20
    yeah i got six F's too ... i don't know what the fuss is all about
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