Countdown clocks?

  1. So, who out there knows something about clocks?

    I'm looking for a Christmas gift for my girlfriend, and I'm having a great deal of difficulty finding what I have in mind.

    She's Irish and her favorite holiday is St. Patrick's day, so I'd like to get her some kind of countdown clock - a clock that would display how many days are left until St. Patrick's day.

    Originally I was thinking of a digital clock, but all I could find were either insanely expensive, or cheap looking crap. Plus, the clock has to be resettable, that is it will re-start the countdown every year. Also then you'd have to worry about changing the batteries and the time getting screwed up. So I was thinking maybe an analogue clock that instead of reading H:M:S would read off days - but that might not work too well.

    Either way, these kinds of clocks seem very difficult to find, so maybe I'm just not looking for the right thing here... I don't necessarily need the clock to be personalized, I can always just buy a bare clock and personalize it myself, but I can't even seem to find a good clock to use for a countdown. Any help on this one? Anyone bought one in the past, or know where to look or what to search for?

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