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Counter to string theory

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    i was looking at how gravity works in string theory (i heard somwhere gravity can go between the univerces). if that is right than there would be a major problem (in my oppion). for my example i am going to use a big sun. the sun will have a gravitational affect in every univerce pulling objects closer to it. this would make a masive gravitational effect when there is alot of stuff from alot of different univerces in the same area. this would cause all matter to be in one small space in all univerces. *can't get rid of old on (won't let me delete it)
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    it is rude to post the same thing multiple times
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    What you refer to is a branch of string theory, called "brane theory", which states (basically) that our local universe is a 3-dimensional membrane inside higher-dimensional space. It's all one Universe, but the Universe would be what's called "the bulk", which is a higher-dimensional collection of these lesser-dimensional membranes.

    Anyway, the idea that gravitons (the carriers of the force of gravity) escape our membrane and go on into higher-dimensional space is meant as an explanation for why the force of gravity is so weak (compared to the other forces). That these gravitons would then go on to another membrane, and have an affect there is indeed covered in the theory. In fact, Brian Greene - in a PBS special about the superstring theory - said that, if this theory was true, then our only way to communicate with beings on other membranes would be to manipulate gravity.
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    I watched the PBS special (my main knowledge on string theory). i thought it was for all string theory but i guess this makes it only counter brane theory.
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