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Medical Couple of questions

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    I am new at this but i want to make sure i know what i am talking about
    I have researched all of these things but i am not getting a straight answer so i came you

    1. When you get sick(common cold/virus) what happens?
    Does virus go into each cell and take its nutrients.
    Then after that does it keep on spreading and then your body tries to kill it and then you get fever and runny stuffy nose.

    1.5. When you take antibiotics how does it kill bacteria?
    i know they don't work on viruses because there are so many different forms of the virus

    2. Where is water stored, and does it help to sweat when you are sick.
    I know you are supposed to drink a lot, but why
    is that because your body needs the nutrients that are lost in killing the virus

    3. How do you get your self more white/red blood cells?
    I heard eating tomatoes helps in getting red blood cells

    4.If your vain gets cut open how long will it take to kill you or clot up

    5. When your ear pops what does that mean?
    isn't it where the pressure inside and outside and not the same
    if that is true at what pressure does this happen?

    6. Is it true that when you sleep your body goes through 45 minute intervals
    and that is cut up into first 15 minutes it is a light sleep then something and Last REM
    right i learned thing a couple years back so i don't remember much
    and where does dreams come in
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    This is far too much for any single thread. Each of your questions can be a thread of its own, so I'm locking this one. Please create separate threads for the separate questions (I'm locking instead of deleting so you can still view your questions and copy them).
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