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Couple of XP questions

  1. Nov 6, 2004 #1
    1.) I use dial-up to get online. Windows is supposed to remember my logon name and password. It has no problem with the name, but the password it gives has twice as many letters as the correct one. I assume it is giving the password twice. No matter how many times I change the password, or make a new connection the next time I try to automatically connect the password is doubled again. Ever heard of this problem?

    2.)Just out of curiosity, how many processes are normally running on your computer. I'm usually running about 30-35 and too often my CPU usage hits 100% and I slow way down.
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    2) right now ... 78, typically when really doing something add +5-10. I've got a laptop with 2.5 GHz PIV & 1 Gb memory and it handles them pretty easily ... perhaps you just got a process or few working overtime.

    The first one sounds pretty unusual ... haven't come across that myself.
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    right now i only have 31 processes running and this is on my 1.8ghz computer, heck it runs faster than any other computer with that processor specs.

    your first problem is quite unusual first time i have ever heard of that happening. how many profiles are sharing the same password?
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    just one. It makes no sense to me. I no longer have the little box checkmarked to remember my password. I just type it in everytime I connect. If I type it in correctly and then check the box to remember it then the next time there will be twice as many letters.
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    what do you mean by the "the password it gives has twice as many letters as the correct one"? Do you mean twice as many "Asterix's"?... Have you tryed just conecting, and did it work?

    If yes then this is just windows populating the password field with ***** Which will not reflect the amount of Characters as the password... This is typical Windows behavior AFAK...
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    I also use dial-up and also get a "doubled" password. However, I connect and it works fine. Anttech's theory is, therefore, probably correct. Try connecting using the "doubled" password; it should work.
  8. Nov 7, 2004 #7
    I already thought of that, it doesn't connect.
  9. Nov 9, 2004 #8
    hey i just remembered on my computer when i go in the internet properties under connections then click the connection then click advance i see that same doubled thing. ever since it has been like this but connecting works fine. plus in the dialup box the password appears normal.
  10. Nov 13, 2004 #9
    I got 102 processes running :( :( :(

    Tribdog have you got a virus checker ? Spyware?
  11. Nov 18, 2004 #10
    i have 15-20 process running, in general.

    You can go to "administrative tools", and remove all the unusefull services that start when you start your computer...

    Maybe you can do an online virus check on any antivirus website (if you haven't any recent antivirus)...
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    The only "antivirus" websites that offer "free online virus scans" are spyware distributors. One is called "Stop Sign" and it installs a piece of spyware called EAnthology.

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    The double number of dots or * you get AFTER typing a password is irrelevant to the number of character the password is. That's exactly the behavior needed, since its purpose is to protect the number of characters that forms the password. Just a basic security procedure.

    You could go to www.download.com and search for "SpyBot, seatch and destroy" that's a pretty good freeware to get rid of most adware that could cause high number of processes on your pc.
  15. Nov 20, 2004 #14
    DrKareem is right. The extra astericks are a basic security feature to hide the actual number of letters in the PW. Symantec won't hurt your PC and can help. Spybot S&D and AdawareSE are excellent programs for cleaning spyware, cookies and trojan like stuff and are free.

    On average anything between 25 - 35 running processes would be average. 78 processes is symptomatic of a user suffering from excessive multi-tasking.

    You also will run a higher number of processes if you log on as an administrator instead of a limited or user account.

    Good Luck
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