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Homework Help: Couple problem

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    a landscaper tries to plumb a tree by applying a 240 N forces. two helpers attempt to plumb the same tree with one pulling at point b and the other pushing with a parallel force at point c. determine these two forces so they are equivalent to the single 240 N force. the force is at point A. it is coming in at a 30 deg angle. this force is on the right. the entire tree is leaning to the right 20 deg. point b is .35 m above point a. point C is .25 m below point A. im getting some answers but they arent right. what do i do??
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    Tom Mattson

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    Show us what you did, and then we can help. Specifically, it would help if you write the force vectors in i, j form, because I for one am getting a fuzzy picture from your verbal description.
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    if you have access to a digital camera you can take a picture of it and then host it online. i usually do this because it is hard to decipher what is going on without a picture.

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