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Coupled pendulum

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    any good website suggested on coupled pendulum?
    I have to do an investigation and I'm going to investigate simple pendulum (which is easy) than physical pendulum (just some calculation of mass as stuff) and than finally come into coupled pendulum. And I don't actually know much on coupled pendulum, but it looks fun. I need some information and stuff for it.
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    The thread title caught my attention because I've never heard of a coupled pendulum. Checking quickly in a book on mechanics I find the terms "Compound Pendulum" and "Coupled Oscillators" but no "Coupled Pendulums".

    It could be, therefore, that an exact description of the situation you're talking about, whatever it's called, will clarify where people should reccomend you look for more detailed info.
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    Here's a link.
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    when you mean a coupled pendulum do you mean that they are parallel to each other and dont meet?

    if so and given a difference in time in their movemnet they will never cross each other.
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    am i right or wrong?
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    You have two pendulum connected in series. It's not a difficult problem to solve.

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    what i meant was 2 pendulums are of the same mass and of the same level and they are attached by a string... That's good... Thanks for all the help...
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