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Coupled RLC circuit

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    i am deriving an equation for designing an inductor in a coupled RLC circuit. is there an equation for calculating inductor value by knowing the input and output voltages & output current of the RLC circuit ?
    i have tried KVL and KCL equations but in vain.
    please help

    thank you
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    Using KVL and KCL you end up with a 2nd Order Differential Equation. This equation has to be solved in order to find the time behavior of the system.

    Have you learned about Laplace Transforms yet? Or do you know how to solve differential equations?
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    i am running a steady state solution so i do not have to worry about transient solution & differential equations. but if you suggest me to run through differential equation then thats not a problem, yes i do know laplace transforms & i have solved differential equation for current in a coupled rlc circuit
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    http://www.ee.bgu.ac.il/~intrlab/lab_number_7/Two inductively coupled RLC circuits.pdf
    this is one link that i can link to my work. the circuit is similar but with a load resistance at output where i am measuring my voltage. he has some equations by assumptions but i have made use of KVL to get without those assumptions.
    i know input voltage 20volts, output power 15v , 1A or 10v 1.5A. k i can choose anywhere close to 1 or lesser values, i want to design inductor with these values. i have frequency of 100 hz.
    please help
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