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Coupling of vector gauge to a tensor field problem

  1. Jul 22, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I was reviewing this paper.
    But I stuck in the last part. (equation 25)

    According to the paper the Lagrangian is -
    [tex]2L=(\dot{V^{T})^{2}}-(\nabla\times V^{T})^{2}+[\dot{B}^{T}-\nabla\times A^{T}]^{2}+2mV^{T}.(\nabla\times A^{T})+2mB^{T}.\dot{V}^{T}+2\mu^{2}A^{T}.B^{T}------(1)[/tex]
    And after imposing the conditions below-
    [tex]B^{L}=A^{L}=0=\dot{V^{L}}-\nabla U------(2)[/tex]
    [tex]A^{T}.B^{T}=-(\nabla\times A^{T}).(\nabla^{2})^{-1}(\nabla\times B^{T})------(3)[/tex]
    [tex](\nabla\times A^{T})=\dot{B^{T}}-mV^{T}+\mu^{2}(\nabla^{2})^{-1}(\nabla\times B^{T})------(4)[/tex]

    There would be only two terms (according to the paper)-
    [tex]2L= (\dot{V^{T})^{2}}+\mathbf{V}^{T}\nabla^{2}\mathbf{V}^{T}[/tex]

    My Calculation:
    But after I use the condition (2), (3) and (4) and put them into (1). But I have found the equation-
    [tex]2L= (\dot{V^{T})^{2}}+\mathbf{V}^{T}\nabla^{2}\mathbf{V}^{T}+2mB^{T}.\dot{V}^{T}-m^{2}(V^{T})^{2}-\mu^{4}(\nabla^{2})^{-2}(\nabla\times B^{T})^{2} [/tex]
    [tex]+2\dot{B}^{T}mV^{T}+2mV^{T}\mu^{2}(\nabla^{2})^{-1}(\nabla\times B^{T})-2\mu^{2}(\nabla^{2})^{-1}(\nabla\times B^{T})\dot{B}^{T}[/tex]
    So there are some extra terms that need to be eliminated.

    How can I do it? Is there any other condition that needed to be applied? Please help.
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