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Courant at NYU

  1. Mar 18, 2013 #1
    As a high school senior, I'm looking at various colleges at which major in mathematics. I'm currently debating the pros and cons the math programs at these schools. I heard about Courant via wikipedia surfing and I keep reading great stats about its professors and graduate program.

    How does it stand compared to Ivy league math departments? Is the undergrad program as good as its graduate program?
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    I'll let someone else take a shot at how it compares to an Ivy, but I can talk about the undergrad program. The undergrad program is strong. The courses are definitely tough, and the professors are pretty good. Most professors at Courant, especially past the lower division, care about teaching and are relatively easy to get along with and are always open to extra questions, conversations, and willing to give advice. Again, I can't really compare any of this with other universities and their courses. If you have anything more specific to ask, let me know!
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    Oh I have so much to ask! How many math major students are there at NYU? How accessible is it to do research as an undergrad? What was your favorite experience at Courant? What did you do after NYU? What's it like going to college in the big apple?
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    Thats a good question. I wanna say maybe ~50 per class. So maybe ~200 total? Thats a guess though.
    It's definitely doable to do research as an undergrad. You definitely have to be a goer though and getting in touch with people and being persistent. NYU has a summer program/funding for just NYU undergrads to do math research which is really nice. If you know you want to do a research project, you should try to enroll in honors sections of calculus and chemistry. NYU is a big school and a ton of kids will take calc I/II/III their freshman year, so an honors section will give you a lot more exposure to your professors.
    Probably my favorite experience at Courant has been working on an on going research project and learning so many cool things that go beyond the scope of an undergrad class.
    I'm actually still an undergrad here, but my plan is to continue onto a PhD in math, although I'm not sure what area yet.
    College in NYC is certainly a unique experience. It really depends on the person. I really enjoy it, although it can get a little hectic. The good thing is though, when it does get crazy, theres always some other area/neighborhood/district that has a different feel to it that you can go it. A lot of the kids who don't do well at NYU/in NYC really longed for a big community with a well defined campus and football, so you do have to know what you're getting with New York.
    Any more questions feel free to PM, reply, carrier pigeon, what have you!
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