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Course advice re: CS degree w/ Comp. Maths major

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    I'm just about to enrol in my final year of CS. I'm halfway through the computational maths major and I have 3 more (CS) electives to choose. I'm not sure what kind of career I'm pushing for, but my course choices so far have been my gut instinct. I'd like to round out my degree a bit, but I want to pursue a path in CS that won't waste all those hours I'm spending on calc! My initial desire was to do Games Programming, where the maths is very useful, and I took an OpenGL course, but I don't want to follow that stream any further.

    My second choice for a major was Crypto & Security, but with only 3 electives left I can't go as deep into that now unless I can swindle my way out of a few pre-requisites and do the harder courses.

    I like the sound of Software Architecture: Design & Implementation, and Web Servers & Web Technology, as I feel they will give me a good grounding in enterprise level systems but I won't do any maths there (not necessarily a bad thing).

    And I'm interested in a Data Warehousing course, but I think if I do that I should pick up at least one more DB course and maybe Unix Sys Admin and give it a good go. Not really sure how maths will fit into this.

    Should I change program and do more maths?! Maybe I should do some finance and stats courses? Confusion reigns. Maybe it doesn't really matter what I choose, it's only a undergrad. degree anyway.

    I should mention that the maths courses I've taken (and will take) are:

    Discrete Maths
    Maths for Adv. Computing (trig, algebra, calc, vectors, matrices and transformations)
    Numerical Methods (Bisection, Newton's, Runge-Kutta, some theory, more application, just had a brief look at DE's)

    next year:
    Linear Algebra & Vector Calculus
    Numerical Solutions of DE
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