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Course conflicts

  1. Dec 13, 2006 #1
    This spring, there is a schedule conflict between my multi-dimensional calculus course and my thermodynamics course. Both courses are required for Physics majors at my school, and are scheduled into our "core schedule" as being taken the spring semester of our sophmore year.

    Now, heres the unfair part. All of the other physics majors do not have this problem because they have another math course called Linearity II, which is differential equations and multidimensional calculus taught in the same class (6 credits). Every single physics major is taking Linearity because it is recommended. The Linearity teacher would not let me into Linearity 1 because the class was full this fall. I transfered into my school and had a late registration date.

    If they base a physics majors curriculum on taking the Linearity course sequence (1 & 2), but getting into the course requires permission from the instructor (which she would not give me because she let the class fill up with engineers, which do not have to take the course and take multidimensional calculus and diff eq separately), how big of a deal should i make about this schedule conflict due to them denying me access to a class that is clearly required for physics majors? Not to mention, there are about 15 physics majors. How hard could it possibly be to accommodate us?

    My option is to take thermodynamics the spring of my junior year along with E&M 1 and QM 1. Theres also two electives I need that will be offered the same semester which are astrophysics (required for my major) and nuclear physics (useful for GRE's). I'd be looking at a courseload of thermodynamics, E&M1, QM 1, astrophysics, and Nuclear Physics all in the same semester ;) I don't think thats possible to complete.

    I've already notified the department chair and her reply was that she would see what she can do about it, but I havent heard anything in weeks.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what I should do? Even if its to keep my mouth shut?
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