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Courses Course load advisement ?

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    Hey guys, I already checked through quite a few other posts and didn't find any that answered by question, so I figured I'd just post a new thread.....

    Next semester, for right now, I'm signed up for Multivariable Calc, Linear Algebra, and Foundations of Math (I guess this would be the introduction to written formal rigor, set theory, etc.). All three of these classes are intro level and I'm no stranger to hard work, however, this will be the first time for me taking 3 math classes like this all in one semester. (I am taking one more class, but it's not a math class)

    So, I wanted to know.... is this a workable load? Too much? Doable? Can I add more without compromising my grades?

    I know a great deal of whether or not I do well on a class depends on me personally, but I just wanted whatever insight people could offer into the work associated with these three courses.
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    I don't doubt you might be able to handle the load and even get good grades out of it. The question is whether you truely get it. Getting A's don't mean you get it. I am sure you know some people that don't necessary get the first in the class but if you have a question, you go to that person. There are some people that get good grades and you know they really don't get it, they just know how to use the formulas correctly and get the right answer.

    I interview a lot of people in my career, people that have good grades, that been to college. They failed on the most basic question!!! What did they study in school??!!! I am not impressed if someone get A's, I will be a lot more impress if anyone can get a B taking the test one year later cold without preparation.

    My point is if you think you can get it, go for it. If you think you can just get good grades, think again. It is important you really digest the subject because you might use it for the rest of your life. Nothing wrong to slow down. I would take classes of different field. You must have to take Chemistry, Physics, programming etc. Mix those in. The mind won't get burn out as bad if you mix in different subjects. If you taking all math, you might end up mixing up and get confused.

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