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Courses Course load questions

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    Next semester I am looking at taking 12 hours of math intensive courses, would it be wise to stay with just the 12 hours, or would it still be possible to take another Gen-Ed or humanities course?

    The courses are:
    Calc 3
    Linear algebra
    Chem 2
    Calc based Physics for science majors.
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    That is only 12 credits? Please show me the break down. At my school that is 18 credits :P (assuming the science classes have labs)
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    Yeah at my school that is 16 (semester) units.

    Calc 3 (3)
    Lin Alg (3)
    Chem 2 (5)
    Phys (5)

    My school's sister school has a calc based phys that is 4 units... so at least 15 units!
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    Ahh I did forget about the lab for chem which is another hour so it's 4 not 3. I don't know if physics has a lab or not
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    If it is Calculus based physics there *should* be a lab component.
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    To determine is something is a good load, I like to make a spreadsheet. I put the 24 hours in a day 7 days a week, fill in the class block and then fill it in with 'reasonable' study blocks for each class. I make sure to have time for workouting out and family. If I can fit, class, study, relaxing, and sleep, then to me, it's a do-able schedule.
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    MarneMath that is very helpful advice and I will deinitely be trying that, but I guess I just am not quite sure how much time will be required to study. I have heard a good rule of thumb is 2times the number of hours you are taking is a reasonable guess. I'm assuming that still applies to a science/math based schedule?
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    I believe that is a good rule of thumb but there are exception. If you know anyone who took some of those courses, ask them how difficult it is and the average amount of time they spent studying.

    I wasn't a 'stud' in physics, and our physics I and II courses were weed out courses, so the average person spent 2-3 hours per night on homework. Calc III on the other hand was laid back and I probably only spent an hour to 2 hours a night. Linear Algebra, I simply spent 1 hour a day on it.

    So overall, ask people who have taken the course, or go by the rule you mentioned. When in doubt, it's better to overestimate the amount of time needed to study, than underestimate.
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