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Courses Course Load

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    Hi ,,
    you can help me over this....i have scored a very less gpa and this will haunt me forever and i want to learn the courses on my own of the coming semester so that i can improve my g.p.a..
    Pls advice me that i should study from the books or try to study from MITCourseWare which i found out recently.....the point is that in the book it is very long descriptions and i have got a period of 2 months only and when i study from courseware may be i could not grasp well...i am very much confused as i cannot think of the right strategy...Please help me to make my schedule...
    The courses are
    1. Mechanics of Solids --Course Book --Crandall and Dahl
    2.Algorithms- Cormen
    3.Chemistry -no specific book
    4.Differential eqns-Kreyzig
    these are the courses of my third semester....
    Please help me out...
    I will be very much thankful to you..
    Thx very much.

    These are the list of courses that i have taken...

    Semester I

    1. PHY101: Physics Laboratory
    2. CHM101: Chemistry Laboratory
    3. MTH101: Maths - I
    4. PHY102: Physics - I
    5. ENG112 / HSS(1)-1: English Language and Composition or a 1st level Humanities and Social Sciences elective
    6. ESC101: Fundamentals of Computing
    7. PE101: Physical Education - I

    Semester II

    1. PHY103: Physics - II
    2. MTH102: Maths - II
    3. TA101: Engineering Graphics
    4. ESC102: Introduction to Electronics
    5. CS100: Introduction to Profession
    6. PE102: Physical Education - II

    in last these 2 semesters i was failed in Phy103...
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    try not to overload. failing is a possible sign of overload. try to do as much as you can do well and not more.
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    u mean in the coming 3rd Semester.
  5. May 29, 2005 #4
    Pla give atleast some suggestions.....I need them.
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    Less classes so you have more time to study.

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    Are you attending summer sessions? You could always take 1 fewer class during the fall and spring semesters and then make those 2 up in the summer session. However, is there really a rush? I think as people have already suggested, take as many classes as you can, and do not overwork yourself, be realistic.
  8. Jun 2, 2005 #7
    Can some one Pls advice the good book for Differential equations which is self explanatory
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