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Course of pure math

  1. Jun 27, 2009 #1
    Guys ..i have a plan to learn calculus and ive heard g.h Hardy book:a course of pure math is good for beginner ,and ive heard a lot of good things too about this book ..so guys ? its true ? anyone who have had experience with this book so please tell me ..just make an agreement,or disagree about this ..or you guys can make a review about this book,anything i would very appreciate.. thanx

    for information i want for self study because im interesting in math and maybe for my career (i have been considering to be an engineer) ..tHanx again -love
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    It's a nice book albeit a bit old-fashioned, e.g., sequences are referred to as "functions of an integer variable" and doesn't have much in the way of applications, so it may not be the best choice if want a basis for engineering. For that purpose I would recommend taking a look at Courant and John's "Introduction to Calculus and Analysis, Volume 1." This book is both mathematically rigorous and full of interesting applications.
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    If you're just learning calculus, then I'd suggest getting a general calc textbook such as Thomas' or Stewart's book.
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    I'm reading through Courant right now and it's quite good. I can now see why others have recommended it in the place of Spivak.
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