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Course regulation of a rocket set for outer-space

  1. Feb 23, 2004 #1
    I am currently having a project in school (university level) and the task is to set up a course-regulator for a rocket.

    Course regulation: The rocket shall follow a chosen direction regardless of disturbances. The rocket is equipped with thrusters to control the direction.

    This is what i have done:
    1. I assume that I am to use at PD-regulator with
    2. Put up a differential equation that simulates the course.

    JØ'' - Ftd = c(Kp(Ør-Ø) + Kd(Ø'r-Ø'))

    Ø is the angle, d = distance from center, Ft = thrusterforce, Kp = P-regulator constant and Kd = D-regulator constant

    3. Implemented the model in Simulink for testing the system

    my question is, do anyone knows places on the internet or organisations to contact that might know about the size of constants (the mass and the regulator constants for example) used in this model or have knowlegde of how this is practically done in a space launch.

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