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Courses Course Selection for a Phys/Math major

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    I am double majoring in physics and pure mathematics and was wondering which math courses to choose in my mathematical concentration. This is what I have to choose from:

    Three of the following courses:
    Math 407 Abstract Algebra (3)
    Math 412 Complex Analysis (3)
    Math 425 Differential Geometry (3)
    Math 430 Number Theory (3)
    Math 471 Combinatorics (3)

    and as it states, I only need to choose 3. Which of these would be best suited to take if I wanted to go into graduate school. Oh, and I already took Complex Analysis, so I guess that's counted out.

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    well 407 and 425 for sure.
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    I absolutely agree, Algebra and Differential Geometry.
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    you don't need combinatorics or number theory...unless well if you go into QC they maybe useful as application. But if your looking for bird courses(if you like to prove stuff) they're fun to take.
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