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Course Selection Help Please...

  1. Feb 4, 2016 #1
    Hi I'm in the tenth grade and I have always had the dream of becoming a surgeon. I realized I would like to be a plastic surgeon since grade 8. I plan to eventually move to korea and specialize there. I was wondering what courses should I take? I have already taken science 10 in the summer and am taking bio and chem 11 right now. Im not sure to take physics as well next year as it is one of my weaker subjects. Or should I go into the IB programme but they only allow two sciences. Im not sure what to take!?! I am also a life guard, swimming coach and teacher and trained in first aid. I joined all the first aid clubs and plan to volunteer at the local hospital soon.
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    Where are you now? Someone who is familiar with the educational system in your country is more likely to give useful responses. I suspect you're not in the US because you say "grade 8" instead of "8th grade", and I've never seen a US student talk about "science 10".
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    Vancouver, Canada
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    If you're planning to stay in Canada for your education, medical schools commonly required prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry and physics at the first year university level. Fundamental aspects of these subjects are also commonly tested on the MCAT - the "medical college admission test" that is required by most medical schools. So there's no getting around it. You need to take all of the sciences through high school if you want to get into medicine.
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