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Course Selection Question

  1. May 2, 2010 #1
    I'm a physics student hoping to study theory in grad school and will only have time to take one of the following math courses:
    Advanced Calculus 5700 (basically a baby-rudin type intro to analysis) or,
    Numerical Analysis 5070

    I have good math preparation, with three 5000 level graduate math courses, and am taking a 2nd year 6000 level mathematical physics course in the fall. I'm wondering if that is enough 'physics analysis' to let me take the Numerical Analysis (I know that programing, numerical methods is a weak spot for me), or if the lack of an analysis course will look bad on a grad application for theory.

    *I've asked a few professors, and two said take analysis, two said take Numerical Analysis....so I'm still not sure.
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