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Course Selection

  1. Nov 6, 2008 #1
    I am an electrical engineering student and for the upcoming semester I would like to take intermediate classical mechanics (not intro). The problem is that the professor teaching the class is one hardcore dude. According to a student that is currently in his class, he says that he typically has tests that have a 30% average and it is an insane amount of work.

    I have talked with a grad student in electrical engineering (researching stuff very similar to what I am interested in) and he said that nobody would ever care if I take a mechanics class.

    Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on whether or not I should take a class such as this? It is worth taking despite the possibility of totally screwing up my GPA? I find it very unlikely that I will get an A because there is no way I can compete with a bunch of physics majors who have a very solid understanding of physical concepts. I would like to take the class to learn something, but perhaps I shouldn't because of this risk.

    If I don't take this mechanics class, would I screw up my future in terms of being able to learn quantum mechanics and solid state physics?

    Alternatively, I could take a relatively easy mechanics of materials class and be done with the requirement that I need to fulfill.
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