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Courses Courses for Next Semester

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    Hey guys.

    Based on your experiences, do you think this would an okay course schedule for the next semester or a bit overload. If I complete these courses, I graduate after this semester... or should I just wait a bit?

    Abstract Algebra
    Differential Geometry (Independent Study)
    Real Analysis II
    Modern Physics
    Quantum Physics I
    Experimental Physics
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    Since I don't know how good at math and physics you are, or how willing you are to really "push" yourself, I can only make general comments.
    You should be aware that Real Analysis and Abstract Algebra are two of the most difficult courses in the undergraduate math curriculum- and that differential geometry, especially if you are doing it as independent study, is not far behind. I don't know what reason you would have for wanting to graduate earlier, but be aware that you are in for a rough semester!
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    Diversity is the key. I believe there is a psychological condition when one subject conflicts with a previous and post learning situation.

    For example: Learning french will conflict with your spanish test if you also have to study spanish that day.

    Sure mathematics and physics are great, try a little bit of diversity though.
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    Well, I easily passed Real Analysis I and thought that Vector Analysis (the prerequisite to Differential Geometry) was very easy. I'm pretty much doing the same "workload" this semester with the following:

    Modern Algebra
    Classical Dynamics
    Physics Lab: Circuit Theory
    Modern Optics
    Mathematical Physics

    and am finding it pretty managable throughout. The only worry I have is with Abstract Algebra since I know the professor who is teaching it will be very strict (wanting a proof "his way") and the fact that it is a hard course.
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