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Courses Courses of choise

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    My goal right now,is to do a master in nanotechnology and specifically in keio university(japan) when I'm finished from undergrad.I'm studying in greece and in my university we have 40 subjects in total from which 12 are of choise.This means I have to chose 12 subjects out of about 70.Some of these are qft,quantum information(qubits etc.),modern physics lab and there is even a nanotechnology/nanomaterials course.Do you think having those lessons under my belt gives me any sort of advantage when I apply for the master,or should I just chose the easy (and not so interesting) courses in which I could also possibly get a better grade and with less effort?
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    Any thought?
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    Why not just take the courses you are interested in AND do good in them? Also, you may want to give people more than 6 minutes to respond to a post.
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    yeah, as a general guidline, people here don't like you to respond to you own post asking why no one has responded or why there is no thought on your subject. give it some time.

    If you are applying directly into a masters program in nanotech/materials, then yes some of the courses will look good. They certainly won't hurt. However if your masters program is just a masters in Physics or material science with emphasis on nanoscience, then they might not hold much weight. but moreso as I said above, there can't really be any harm to taking the classes. HOWEVER, I have told many people this before, You could consider taking those 12 elective credits and picking up a minor. It would look nice on your masters application if you had a major in physics/nanoscience (i don't know exactly what your major is) and had a minor in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, English, History, or a foreign language. Those would all make you stand out distinctly from every other physics/nano major applying for the same schools.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Just a clarification about the reply on my own thread,if you take a closer look at the date of my original post,it's one week ago.

    The problem with this is,that i'm taking more than 8 course per semester and I would like to avoid adding more strain to my program if it's not worth it.

    Mgiddy,unfortunately we don't have majors and/or minors here in Greece(although 4th year could maybe be accounted as one?).Anyways,if I understand correct,you're saying that having those courses would possibly give me some advantage.

    So,I guess I'll pursue them and try my best.In the end,it's easier to do something you like,right?
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    Yes, you are right of course, sorry about that!

    Certainly this is true. I am not sure how your educational system is there but getting some research experience would be a great idea as well.
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