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Courses on Speech recognition and TTS

  1. Jul 16, 2013 #1
    Hello, as an independent student/researcher who is completely clueless about speech related topics but would like to create a simple desktop text-to-speech application, may I ask what steps you would probably offer me to follow to accomplish my goal ? I know there are free examples and also that I can look up online course syllabuses from known schools but they tend to be too localized while the others are too broad as a general introduction to the immense field.
    I am thinking to start learning with
    1. Phonetics and Phonology
    2. Text processing and processing tools
    3. HMM for speech synthesis
    4. Create phonetics libraries for the language involved
    5. Create a demo with HMM for speech synthesis
    Do you have any more ideas for me to be more right on track of what I would like to do now ? Please ask if you need better clarification.

    Thank you.
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