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Homework Help: Coursework - Cargo security

  1. Oct 20, 2009 #1
    I am doing a project about using cosmic rays to detect contraband in cargo, and while I've been fine with collecting the data etc it's writing the introduction I'm having trouble with (so maybe this would be better in the lower level homework help forum as I only need to keep it basic at this stage but I wasn't sure where was best).

    I need to talk about current methods used in airport and shipping port security, and while I have found a list of methods I'm having trouble finding more in-depth information on these methods, as what I have found so far just talks through the methods, I can't find much on penetration depths.
    I'm looking at airports at the moment and one of the things I just can't find is the wavelength that is used in the x-ray machines used to scan baggage, and penetration depth (I've used penetration depth in steel when talking about port screening methods). All I've really found is that the 'generators output low level currents' and that frequency has to be 'high enough to penetrate hard cases but low enough so as to not cause damage to contents'.

    If anyone could point me in the direction of any websites or popular books that might be of use that would be much appreciated. I also have access to a large number of published papers which I've used elsewhere in my project but these tend to be too in-depth for this introductory section as I only really need couple of paragraphs on each method in airport and port screening, so something between basic school material on radiation and degree-level would be the ideal...

    Thanks for any help
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