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Coursework help

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    hey, m doing edexcel nuffield chemistry a-level
    aim of my coursework is
    To find the order and mechanism of the reaction between magnesium ribbon and acids, and see how it depends on the strong and weak acids at room temperature.

    i used ethanoic acid and hydrchloric acid, n from da graphs i obtained (concentration against time) its givin me straight line which is zero order.
    where as its meant to be 2nd order, for HCL. So now i dont have any reason to xplain this.
    Some one please give me an idea wot i could say, why i got these results? i hve to give in my wrk tomorow. plz help
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    Please be more specific regarding what you have done... I don't understand what you are measuring in your graphs. Concentration against time? Concentration of what? Did you measure the rate of initial, steady state hydrogen evolution vs. acid concentration for identically shaped pieces of magnesium ribbon?
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