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Coursework ideas?

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    Coursework ideas??

    Hi everyone,

    For my AS physics coursework we have been given some data for a vertically bouncing ball (i.e. distance and time) and I was wondering if anyone could think of anything remotely interesting to do with it??

    Thanks in advance
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    Ideas for calculations to perform on the data you have? or ideas for an experiment involving a vertically bouncing ball?

    Seems pretty limited to me, is this an individual project or group work? Theres a few things you could calculate with the data, however it does depend on how precise/accurate the data given is.
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    ive got to perform some calculations on data weve been given about a bouncing ball. the problem is i cant think of anything interesting to try and calculate (acceleration due to gravity and loss of energy on each bounce being about all i can think of).
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    What sort of data is it? Are there lots of different experiments with the ball dropped from different heights. If so, what else is measured?-- Time to stop bouncing perhaps.

    You'll have to give more information for someone to be able to think of something!
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    It really is just one set of data from one experiment showing the height of the ball at various times (just over 5 seconds which relates to about 8 bounces of the ball).
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