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Coursework ideas

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    I am currently researching ideas for my final year coursework. I can do any experiment I like, as long as it is done at the lab, with the equipment that the lab has. I can buy/make equipment if I fund it myself.

    The trouble with this is that I dont know what experiment to do as the choice is so wide, what experiment to do suggest I do? I would like to do something which I can mathematicaly predict before I start the experiment. Also I would like something that is complex and has lots of scope for additions/variations.
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    google it :-)

    What exactly would you want to do? What field?
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    If you can do any experiment you like as long as it is done at the lab, then don't you think it is a good idea to tell us what EXACTLY do you have in the lab at your disposal?

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    Also, some context would be useful :

    Are you in middle school, high school or college ?

    What subject/major is this for ?

    How much time do you get for researching, building, testing and performing your experiment ?

    Is the experiment graded ? What fraction of the course grade does it account for ?

    What are some of the things in your lab, that you've used so far OR what kinds of experiments have you gotten familiar with ?

    What would you enjoy doing ?
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    Im at UK college, studying A2 Physics(Salters Horners). I get from now until Febuary to research and prepare, then i have 2 weeks to experiment and a further 2 weeks to write the documentation. The experiment will get a slight grading, but the main marks are for the documentation and physics principals.

    The lab is the standard Further education college lab. There are lots of peices of standard equipment for simple experiments; as well as the odd piece that isnt really needed but is there, like an abbé refactometer. To obtain full marks (which I am aiming towards) I will require the experiment to be orginal and 'ingenuity in design'.

    I would enjoy doing a basic quantum experiment, any astronomical experiment (I have access to a 19" telescope), anything with lasers would be good, or anything with complex mathematical equations which i can use to predict results. A maglev experiment would be nice, as would anything to do with air pressure.

    Im not asking anybody to do the coursework for me, just for ideas on actuall experiments to do. Before i can carry out the experiment it must first be authorised by the teacher.
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