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Courses Coursework load advice?

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    Hey all, I am currently a sophomore in Physics with a Math minor.
    For this upcoming semester I will be taking 13 credits towards my major/minor: Physics III (mostly waves and optics), Mathematical Methods for Physicists I, Introductory Modern Physics (special relativity and quantum theory focus), and Mathematical Structures (a proofs class). In addition to this, I will also be preparing a paper and a poster for research that I was conducting class semester (will be presenting my poster at the AAAS annual meeting in February), and I will be working in a lab (and getting paid, ~10 hours a week) to work on some turbulence research that I am really excited about.

    I need to have 15 credit-hours total for my scholarship, and I am kind of at ends as to what I should take for my last class. I am considering either a 2 credit Tai Chi class or a 3 credit online sociology course that fulfills some of my general studies credits and is a sub-requirement for my physics major. I feel kind of bad opting to take the Tai Chi class because it won't be doing anything for my academic advancement but, at the same time, I think it could be just what I need to take a mandatory mental breather from my lab and coursework.

    I guess my question is: is it alright to relax a little on classes if I really want to excel in both my research and my coursework? Or should I just bite the bullet at take the sociology class?
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    Yes, it is ok. Actually it is beneficial. People need something that will take them away from studying, day-to-day work, etc.
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    I have found that its always good to have one easier class to give you a break from your other classes. Overloading is very easy to do but can have very bad results. I have found that I do better when focusing on fewer things; I learn more and I feel much calmer and in control.
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