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Coursework on Properties of Aluminium

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    I'm doing some coursework on the properties of aluminium and why aluminium is a good material for computer cases.

    Now, in the coursework I must have a section on some sort of calculation but am clueless as to what calculation I could do (i.e. if you was doing nylon for a fishling line you could calculate Young's modulus) for aluminium.

    Does anybody have any ideas?

    Thanks in Advance
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    How about you (roughly) compare the strength of steel and aluminium and say that the aluminium would have to be 50% thicker, or twice as thick, or whatever to be the same strength. But then as aluminium is much lighter than steel, it might work out to be lighter even though it's thicker. You can use the ratio of the two material densities to work out how much lighter it would be.
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