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    I think it's an absolutely outstanding way to leverage our use of the Internet to keep track of what's really going on with respect to the administration of common law.

    Please remember these involve your day to day rights, what you can, and you cannot do, and they are being decided on a serious rate as we speak.

    Most judges would love for you to continue in your Constitutional and amendent rights.

    Sadly, some do not. Some of these judicial "folks" would like to steal your rights, and they actively engage in doing so on a regular, though somewhat incremental basis.

    Sorry, this is not political in basis. It's merely in response to the opportunity of http://www.courthouseforum.com/".

    That's it.

    If you would like more, just be silent and I'll bring a thousand-fold through your political doors.

    This is correct. I don't believe in the "biggest stick" approach, except..

    It usually wins.

    And I (we) have the biggest stick.

    That's not why I'm writing you, though, as i am most certainly not anyone who carries any such "stick."

    I am simply human. Period, bare none, save for a 47-year stint as a US civilian, 20+ years of that which during which I served as a military officer...

    Ok, folks - what's going on? Why did this issue, so totally beyond the bounds of our Constitutional provisions, mandates, requirements, etc, grab my attention?

    You know what? I know enough to argue these excerpts endlessly. If you allow these to remain open I will so, endlessly.

    On the other hand, this is not the business or even leisure of a forum on physics.

    I dunno - close the thread, or entertain contradictions to several court orders (of which I'd love to add my own!)

    I would do so in a very straightforward an objective manner, commenserate with a concensus divorce decree dated 2008.

    Are you up for this?
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    What happened to the first post - I didn't start this thread. I was just responding to it.
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    I have no idea. Did you start this in general discussion?
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    Ghost thread? I wonder, if I post in it, if the first two posts will disappear?

    Edit: first three posts. Evo snuck in seconds before me.
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    Um, no, I didn't. I'm sorry I'm not the OP. I simply thought it was a great response topic, and after I posted, the first post was gone. I'm visiting a bit later, but this is all I see.

    With 25 years as forum admin (me), you've either got a "ghost" (someone who likes planting ideas) or there's something else going on, but I am *not* it.

    Good luck. - Mugs
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Were you quoting the original post in your responses, as your answers suggest?
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