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Covalent bonds

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    I tried to google this but i found 2 substances that are covalently bonded. SiO2 and C6H12O6. Which one is the correct one? does hydrogen bonds count as covalent bonds? if not then it might be SiO2.... Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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    I'm guessing A)

    carbon allotropes are held together by intermolecular covalent bonds, intramolecular bonds don't apply.

    you'll find that the intermolecular bonds may be dipole-dipole, vander wall etc...despite intramolecular covalent bonding in the other choices
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    I'll go for C.For A i'd the graphite as the typical counterexample.Check the crystalization geometry of [itex] \mbox{SiO}_{2} [/itex],i think it fits.

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