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Covalent diectional?

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    covalent diectional??

    Covalent bond is directional because it is due to the orbital overlap and orbitals can overlap only in certain directions to give constructive interference. (This is true I hope! comments pls!) .
    My question is when two s-orbitals (from two atoms) overlap how can it be directional because s-orbitals have spherical symmetries and have no certain directions??
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    Well of course it's still directional. It points from one atom to the other one.
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    I'm agree. In molecular hydrogen, bond has an oval shape. It is possible to distinguish a symmetrical longitudinal axis and a transversal plan. Both of them include the origin of symmetry. You can also recognize it in all other non-ionic biatomical bonds, involving even now s-orbitals.
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