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Python Cover all exceptions

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    I feel a bit dirty asking this..
    But I've written a fairly large program that is going to be deployed in a few weeks. Its a headless server. I've done error checking throughout the code where Im aware of it, but I'm worried about the things I have missed.

    Is there a way in python I can get it to continue on all exceptions? Perhaps write out an error log as well?? I highly doubt there is but thought I'd check :)
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    Can you predict which exceptions are likely to be thrown? If so, maybe something like this is feasible:
    Code (Python):

       <some code that might throw>
    except (RuntimeError, TypeError, NameError):
       <handle error>
       <clean up>
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    You could double down on that slightly dirty feeling and write a program with an infinite loop that launches your server, captures stderr and diverts it to a logfile. In other words, an automatic log-it-and-reboot.
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    Haha that might actually not be a bad idea.
    This is the classic case of I want a few weeks to test, and I have a few days :P

    I'm going to add some GOTO's jsut to make my fall from grace complete.
    And who needs comments in the code??
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