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Other Cover letter for temp job

  1. Mar 21, 2016 #1
    I have a degree in mechanical engineering and have taken several computer science courses, so my resume since graduating in 2007 consists of engineering jobs along with my most recent software developer job, which I was laid off from a few months ago. I'm starting grad school next fall (2017). There is a job posting at the same school for a staff assistant for enrollment. It's clearly stated as a 10 month position that is on a year to year basis dependent on funding.

    My question is how to explain in a cover letter as to why I'm seeking the position. To be completely honest, it's a perfect fit because when it ends next spring/summer will be just in time for me to start school full time in the fall. I'm not sure if it would hurt me to be that honest, but if I blow smoke and say I'm genuinely interested in being a staff assistant, they're going to look at my resume and think 'that doesn't make sense, why the hell is he applying for this'. Any advice? Maybe I'm over thinking it?
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    I think it's fine to tell them that. It makes it clearer why you are applying for that particular job.
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