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Homework Help: CP Biology final exam study guide?

  1. May 14, 2012 #1
    Hello y'all. My biology term final exam is this Friday. It's not mandatory for me because I have a good grade. But I'm going to take it anyway.

    For some reason, my teacher Mr. Mannara did not prepare a study guide. He said so himself. For every test I've taken in his class that was absolutely worth studying for, he prepared a study guide.

    Anyway, I think in this term we went over animal organization and the theory of evolution by natural selection. He may pull out questions from CaliQuity, a Web-based program with lessons that we're supposed to read.

    Side note: Let me know if you graduated from a biology class that Mr. Mannara taught. I live in California, so your Mr. Mannara is probably not the same guy if you did not take biology in California.
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