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CP violation and Entropy

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    Please help me with my confusion.
    My logic:
    1. CP violation causes direct T-violation
    2. T-violation breaks Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation (imagine a rock in a thermal bath of T-violating particles, where absorption and emission rates are different). When I say "radiation", I don't mean photons, but any type of radiation.
    3. Such body in thermal equilibrium with environment will become hotter or colder than environment, depending on what is more probable - absorption or emission.
    4. !!!!????
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    Will the rock become hotter or colder than the environment? Wouldn't the rate of absorption of T-violating particles equal the emission of T-violating antiparticles?
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    No, because you are describing the CT symmetry, which is also violated.
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    Transition probability in quantum physics depends on two factors. One factor is the probability amplitude, which is asymmetric for absorption/emission in T-violating processes. But the other factor which you might overlook is the phase-space factor; the transition to a larger phase space is more probable. It is this second factor which is responsible for the second law in thermodynamics, and the small T-violation in the first factor cannot significantly influence the dominating effect of the second factor.
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    Agreed, but still you will be able to create perpetuum mobile of the second kind, right?
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    Perhaps only far small mesoscopic systems.
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    with respect to post #4

    Is the partition of the phase space a direct result of the SM?

    If I understand correctly the apparent structure of the SM gives it a specific phase space partitioning that sets egodic probabilities, but from what is that structure defined? Is its definition considered information?
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