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CP-violation (T-violation)

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    Are there any new experiments/results regarding the subject? Like Kl, Ks, and other weird things?

    I am interested in the subject mostly because CP voliation = T violation, and T violation for me is the deepest mystery.
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    CP=T if you believe TCP, whilch can be qjuestioned on the experimental level.
    Why is "T violation for me is the deepest mystery" when almost everything you see is not time reversal invariant?
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    No, macroscopic T assymetry is not a mystery for me at all.
    Just a consequence of the Initial conditions at the BB (low entropy)

    microscopic T assymetry is much stranger.
    I would be even not surprised if parameters of the standard model, responsible for T assymetry, would decrease gradually as more an more time is elapsed after BB

    Is it possible that CP violation was bigger in early Universe? Would it help to explain the bariogenesis? I know that current CP violation is not enough for Sakharov mechanism.
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