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Homework Help: Cr and lr circuits help exam in a bit and i'm stuck

  1. Mar 31, 2008 #1
    cr and lr circuits help.. exam in a bit and i'm stuck!!!

    okay so here's my question :
    how is the peak voltage across the resistance (in a cr circuit) or the induction (in an rl circuit) = [tex]\pm[/tex]V[tex]_{m}[/tex]/(1-e[tex]^{-T/2\tau}[/tex])

    V[tex]_{m}[/tex] is the max voltage of the pulse train.
    the m denotes max

    both circuits are in a steady state with a pulse response

    if it were a positive step then v=V[tex]_{m}[/tex]e[tex]^{-T/\tau}[/tex]
    and if it were a negative step it would be v=-V[tex]_{m}[/tex]e[tex]^{-T/\tau}[/tex]

    so from this i can gather that the peak values will be a plus minus thing..
    i can get to peak voltage = V[tex]_{m}[/tex]-v
    but apart from that i'm very very lost... i've been working on this for a long while now but...
    help please
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