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Crackpot ads in mobile site

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    I'm not sure if this also affects the desktop site (in fact I don't recall seeing ads in the desktop site), but on mobile often there are large ads embedded within posts. I've noticed several times that these ads are for complete crackpot websites, for example, yesterday I saw an ad for a wesbite about "Quantum Mechanics and God", typical quantum woo.

    Not sure if PF can control the content of the ads, but I think it'd be in the interest of the site to try and eliminate this sort of content from featuring prominently on mobile displays (the ads are probably about 50% of the screen area) if possible.
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    Heres what you'd see if you weren't logged in. This is a screenshot taken from my android running chrome.


    In that example, the ads are for some prisms and some kind of mechanical testing - fair enough, but imagine that with giant crackpot ads instead. Gives one a bad impression of the forums.
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    I often block ads. Send me the URL and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
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