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Homework Help: Crane jib. Concurrent force

  1. May 7, 2012 #1
    im am a first year mech eng student. im so lost on this question. the image is the diagram im trying to solve. i think the compressive stress of the crane boom is what is confusing me. i dont want the answer, just where do i start? Force polygon? math?

    please tell me how you would solve this. thankyou

    jib crane.jpg
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    Is this your first year as a freshmen with no statics under your belt? Or have you already taken the core engineering science and Physics courses? If the latter, sum moments about one of the supports = 0. Each member is a 2-force member...the wire in tension and the jib in compression, with their forces directed axially along the axis of the member. Don't forget sum of Fx = 0 and sum of Fy =0.
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