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Crank and rocker mechanism

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    (different guy using the same user name)

    I am looking for a simple engineering software to model crank and rocker, gear, crank and slider, worm gear, scotch yoke, cam and other generic mechanisms.

    Most important is crank and rocker.

    Maybe some hydraulics and pneumatics.

    Something my celeron D 512mb can handle.
    Takes too much time to model this on paper. Aint do this in years.

    Free or not free, I don't mind at this point.

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    Go to this website.


    Down the left hand column you will see the software.

    I used this book in school about 5 years ago. The software is capable of doing most of what you are looking for and my book came with a free student edition.

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    What do you mean by 'model'?
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    i'll get the book too, because it sounds interesting

    simulate , means figure out that if crank turns 50deg, what would the rocker turn at the given linkage length and rocker and crank diameters.
    A set of 4 gears with uneven number of teeth.
    what is the gear ration?
    not doing this by hand anymore.
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    What was the name of the proggy that came with the book, CFDFEAGURU?

    i bought the book, but there is no proggy mentioned to come with it

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