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Homework Help: Crank Slider Mechanism 3d movement question.

  1. Aug 2, 2011 #1

    This maybe common sense to some of you but Im racking my brain to find away to solve this one.

    I would like to pull a lever on one axis and move a slider on a different axis .

    So by pulling a lever towards me, I move a slider left and right.

    Is this possible without ball joints and just a simple mechanism. I cant get my head round it. Made a mockup but there wasnt quite the smooth motion I had anticipated but that might have been the model i made.

    Building a basic machine, using scaffolding. So simplifiying everything is a must.

    So I need to pull a lever towards me to push a slider left and push the lever away to pull the slider right.

    Any help/drawings would be highly appreciated.


    Ben :)
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