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Crankcase analysis

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    Apart from fatigue & thermal analysis what are other analysis required for crankcase or block?
    For 4 cyl 3lit engine used for high torque application.
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    Ranger Mike

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    4 cylinders are notorious for being very high vibration engines..Our formula car driver needs dentures because the fillings in his teeth have rattled loose!
    Seriously. the engine case crank shaft web area has to be inspected for stress cracks. The cylinders should be inspected for thickness with an ultra sonic thickness tester to make sure no core shift occurred during casting. If it is high torque I recommend you find out what thickness you have on the upper and bottom deck. This is area that the cylinder intersects with the block. The top deck can not be modified but you can add filler to the bottom deck and this will keep the cylinders from rocking at high RPM. I would pressure test the cooling passages to make sure we have no leaks.

    Although this is not an inspection requirement I recommend using a torque plate if you are going to bore and hone the cylinders.
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    Thanks Mike, I just want the design analysis on block like FEA analysis. If you could tell me such analysis would be appreciated.
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