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Crash and Sound Waves.

  1. Apr 1, 2009 #1
    Once again I don't know where to classify this tread... sorry.
    My Question is the following:
    Let's say we have a ball of mass, m. Let the mass be a steal ball for example.
    We throw the ball at the floor. The impact that follows surely is a non-conservative impact.
    (I hope I said this one correctly... the "non-conservaty" means that some energy is lost)
    I was wondering...
    Do sound waves have energy? Or there are themselfs energy?
    And if they do/are, then could we say that some part of the energy that is lost during the impact is turned to sound wave?
    That's why we hear the "bam" ? :P
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    Doc Al

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    Thank you very much Doc Al!
    That means a lot to me!:P
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