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Crater size

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    A metal cylinder of 55kg, (0.2m in diameter), traveling at 2.5 km/sec strikes the earth. How big a crater can it be expected to make, given average characteristics for the ground where struck?
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    hoave you tried this
    its a bit of a spoiler to a good question, or bit of fun, but then again its ever usefull http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/tekton/crater_c.html" [Broken]
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    It's going to be around 10 metres, but try this link. You input various parameters and it calculates crater size. Maybe some of the experts here will be able to say if it's reasonable or not.

    http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/tekton/crater_c.html [Broken]
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    OT comments removed.....try to be a little more forgiving, star.torturer. You're kinda new yourself...
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    I wonder if you could do a quick approximation by just equating the KE of the incoming object with the PE of raising the crater material by some nominal amount. Say, 1km? I wonder how close that comes to the numbers in the article in the above link (sorry, I didn't follow the link).
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    Thank you. Your suggestion was just what I needed. I appreciate it.

    Rocky 63
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    Thank you. You're the second person that sent me to this site. Great help and much appreciated.

    Thanks Russ Watters and Berkeman for your replies as well.
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