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Crazy Administration Ladies

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    Don't you just hate those old ladies, who are supposed to be helpful, just be plain old mean when you drop by to ask a simple question such as 'Can I obtain an enrollment adjustment form?'
    Today, I dropped by my department to obtain a form because I wanted to add another unit. Instead, the lady was like 'When did you become a Physics major?' She didn't believe I was a Physics major first of all, and she was very very rude. In a sarcastic way, she was like "...and you are a Physics major?" I really hate her.
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    In particular, they are very rude if they are interrupted in their nice chat they are having over a cup of coffee. Which they have throughout their entire day at office..:grumpy:
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    was she perhaps wearing a badge that said: Member of the Pf sisterhood?
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    Uh Oh!!!

    "old ladies"
    "plain old mean"
    "very very rude"

    This is what yomamma basically said the PF sisterhood is :surprised

    MB, a perfect chance to test out that ban button :smile:
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    *holds out GOOBF card*

    damn! down to 507!
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    Pf as in physics forums? I didn't bother to look. All I know that she was short in height & overweight with short hair. She was behind her desk on her computer when I entered. Apparently, I have never met her before until today, but I fear that she might be my advisor. I was pretty offended when she asked me who approved me to be a physics major. What the hell was that all about? I just wanted an add/drop form! Normally, I don't let stupid things like this bother me but today, it did.
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    I think men are better in these jobs anyway. They're more helpful and try to help you most of time, but some of women esp. the old ones, always try to show you how important their jobs are and what you want them to do is against the rules... :grumpy: Of course I've met lots of good and helpful ladies too but women are usually more strict than men.
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