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Crazy C thing

  1. Jan 17, 2004 #1
    i have been reading some post on Einstein's famous E=MC2

    if someone travelled at the speed of light time itself would stop, but if you travelled faster than the speed of light it would start to go in-Reverse.

    now imaging time as a tape moving recording present and past
    now if you travel at the speed of light,you stop the tape(TIME), but you watching it stop, arent you in another time ? or dimension (TIME dimension?)ok so your traveling at the speed of light you see everything stop but you start to go faster lets say twice the speed of light then everything would go in reverse, the present would start to erase itself and the past would start to become present.

    is there a slight chance that Present in are point of view is past to other in Aliens point of view ? or are we just still images to a Hyper Light universe ?

    its like a train.
    lets say you and your buddy see the train moving at the speed of light but your relative to the earth

    now try moving with the train.
    now your relative to the trian.
    Present Time is frozen if your on the train. you buddy is frozen too.
    now imagine you seeing a another train at the speed of light while your travelling at the speed of light,wouldent that train be seeing you frozen ?

    but here is the catch
    the train moving (C) will see you travel reverse. (Since your travling half its speed)but will it will see your buddy get young because its travelling C but Reverse time.i dont know if it would make you in his point of view go reverse or frozen or yet exist?

    you guys get were i am getting thou ?

    as if there is time for time ?
    yet how could there be time if your going reverse for(while in time) ?

    time Current=a
    time speed of light=b
    time C with C=c
    time your relative time=D
    time relative to doing (c)(c)=E
    Draw a Sketch its easier
    now you need (a) to make (b) but (c) will make (b) goto (a)
    well in reverse

    but it doesent apply for you only, it applys for itself
    you can watch (a) but when you reach (b) you see (a) stop, you watching it stop, is another time (D)your age! well you ageing..

    now at the speed of (C)train 2 see you (B)stop,and (E) making your (D)stop

    the train will see your stop (E)
    but you will see it pass bye you (D)

    as you see your a time for a time for a time.....theres a time for all the time.
    heck one would call it(Time Dimesions)

    well i hope that didnt blow away 30 people.

    any ideas...
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